Brief overview of the 2012 fieldwork in Iceland:

The 2012 team (at the end of the trip)

Opening the base station box for the first time is always slightly worrying – in 2012 we found about a litre of water inside – which did not case any issues as it is designed to cope with that.

New hardware and software going into the base station – to improve reliability

Glacier Jeeps once again did a fantastic job of driving our equipment onto the glacier. The 1km drive across the glacier was not so easy this year due to changes in the surface – but they can do anything!

Drilling the bore-holes with the new hot water jetwash. Here our guest star Richard Waller from Keele lines up the drill to start a new hole.

We found an improvised cover for the laptop useful – not only for keeping out bright sunlight and drizzle but to keep your hands warmer!

Several of these differential GPS stations were deployed on the glacier to monitor the movement of the ice. Here Kathryn Rose – ex-Glacsweb veteran now working at the British Antarctic Survey – is checking the system.

Alex Clayton setting up a dGPS on the moraine. This station is used as a static reference point for the systems on the ice.

The sensor nodes always need a lot of care and attention in their final build phase – here Jeff uses all his amazing craft skills to perfect them. This bedroom in the farm house is converted into a working lab while we are there.

After all the hours making, fixing, tuning, programming the probes – Dirk gets to drop one down a hole in the glacier