2022 fieldwork

The Fjalls area which was covered in glacier was now completely exposed due to glacier retreat.
This area was completely under the glacier when we last visited
The Fjalls base station was in very good condition – and the battery was fully charged – so we used it for Ground Control Point mapping again.
We used our sturdy 3DR Solo to re-survey the area
which produced a good view of the retreat (foreground) as well as mini-moraines.
At Braeda we used our DJI Mini3 to look for our equipment on the glacier. The ice had similarly retreated a long way.
and we spotted a rover – still looking good but its solar panel had blown off (I blame cable-ties!)

timelapse camera deployed in 2019.
Camera as found in 2022 – sadly bent over so it couldn’t see anything!
We used the Fjalls base to leave a camera taking a timelapse view (to pick up in 2023). This one is typically used for animals and has a solar panel – we’ll see how that copes with Icelandic winters!
we redeployed a timelapse camera overlooking Fjallsárlón in the hope of getting a winter view..
It was good to be back to resurvey and check the areas for our 2023 deployment of our next generation GPS