Long Range Wireless Communications

A range of wireless communications technologies are used to link up the field site to the internet. The longest link in Iceland is managed with a directional high power WiFi link. While this is power-hungry it is very fast, so the links can be powered up for shorter periods to save battery energy.

Wifi coverage for the Glacsweb area – from the Grid antenna at Holmur to the cafe (green) which links back down 1km to the glacier area (blue)

Iridium Satelite messaging

While it is possible to link from remote locations by several other methods a simple solution is sending data via short messages using the Iridium network. We have tested Rock Seven’s systems in Iceland and its related YB-tracking system on the Greenland Iceberg. At a small monthly contract cost and cost per message this works well where there is no GSM signal. This works as we are sending small quantities of data every day (less than 1kB).