Having photographed Briksdalsbreen glacier each year we did research there it is now possible to see each year’s retreat:






April 2006

November 2006

This photo shows that the ice has melted back to the bedrock and has lost around 100m in one year.

April 2007

If you visit the area please take a photograph from the big round rock on the moraine just as you approach the lake from the end of the track and post it on Flickr – that helps to provide even more records for researchers! The early photo may have been taken from a different rock as the glacier was so much closer but the rest are all attempts at a fixed location (given three or four different cameras over the years!). You can see this glacier on air-photos half way across the lake.

Some people look at these pictures and say they are fake – but this is happening all over the world. Recent time-lapse photography work shows this very dramatically. Glaciers melt and grow but this speed is unprecedented.

Images posted on Flickr let us monitor the glacier: 2010. 2018