PhD Studentships are available in a variety of research areas including sensor networks, glaciology. These are subject to availability and qualifications. They offer an exciting opportunity to develop interdisciplinary skills while working on a worthwhile project. Suggested topics include:

  • sensor network systems, self-maintenance and deployment and configuration
  • sensor networks which use IoT and Web of Things concepts
  • performance optimisation of IPv6 based sensor networks
  • camera-based sensor networks
  • Using sub-glacial probes to investigate sub-glacial processes
  • integration of complex multi-sensor data to understand glacial processes
  • measuring glacier response to climate change

Kathryn Drilling a hole in Iceland – did a PhD in Glaciology

Graeme and Tyler did Electronics  and Computer Science PhDs with Glacsweb

Phil (left) working on base station adaptation – did a PhD in Computer Science with Glacsweb