The probes are composed of custom electronics encased in a strong case made of polyester in ourĀ workshop.

2012 probes for IcelandĀ are tougher and slightly larger than recent probes.

The 2011 design of probe case

The GW12 Probe is a new design based on the Energy Micro ARM-based EFM32G230F128 MCU. It has the following features:

32bit ARM Cortex-M3 Processor (16k RAM, 128k flash)
2GB microSD Card for storing readings
3 colour LED
User Switch
Debug Serial Interface
HMC5883 Compass Sensor
MMA8451Q Accelerometer Sensor
INA333 Platinum temperature sensing bridge tuned to -5 to +5 degrees C
500psi Pressure sensor
Strain Bridge
Conductivity Sensor

Radiometrix RPM1 151.3 100mW Radio Module

Details of the previous versions are available.

For more details on the designs see our papers section.