2006 Field Trip

A collection of Summer 2006 photos are below. See also theĀ melt-out” page from the autumn.

The 2006 Glacsweb team: Frey, Cory, Matt, Kathryn, Al, Jane, Dave, Kirk, Ahmed, Gang, Celine and Pari

This is how we found the base station on arrival - all intact amazingly!

Unloading the helicopter bag while it rests one ski on the ice!

The Briksdalsbreen glacier as seen in July 2006. It later lost a lot from the right side as a portal openned up.

The new smaller probes (top) fit down the holes easier

The new probe hardware is smaller and has a high power 173MHz radio (right side)

Probe testing on the table in the cabin

Kathryn and Jane lowered the probes using fishing line as usual

Al and Dave took depth-soundings of the lake in a (small!) boat. Using the dGPS for position.

Jane, Pari, Kathryn and Matt debug the radar (again)

Matt and Pari bring down "some ice" for an experiment! (yes its plenty!)

The big core drill was tricky and involved a big team!

"You just lower it on fishing wire." - Kathryn and Jane deploying a probe.

The "lab" in the cabin

Kirk, David and Kathryn toast a successful pack-up on the last day.

Kirk and Al spent the last few hours of the trip at the base station.