Subglacial probes

In early work we designed new sensor probes which we placed under glaciers; collected the data automatically and used it for glaciology research. The project has deployed on four glaciers; one in Norway, and three in Iceland.

The 2011 design of probe case

The research funded by Leverhulme  worked on “ice quakes” and funding from National Geographic helped with the expedition and public understanding of science (see Glacier Explorer) and our 2018 fieldwork  and 2019 fieldwork in Iceland. Some results are analysed in our paper in Nature

The project deployed probes on two glaciers; one in Norway, and one in Iceland. The rapid breakup of the glacier which prompted our move from Norway to Iceland (see BBC News article). , the 2014 fieldtrip and our 2013 film on Youtube. Also Jane’s talk at the International Glaciological Society.