Ice tracker

We are measuring ice flow with the help of new GPS and dGPS technologies. Earlier research used dGPS recordings with typical, quite expensive devices. This new activity will look into using new generations of lower cost GPS so that more sites can be surveyed for the same cost. It also means the loss of one unit in a glacier is less drastic financially.

In 2016 we carried out a simple experiment to track an Iceberg with the help of Formula E. This helped us to plan more trials in 2017.

in 2017 we will be installing differential dGPS units on several Glaciers in Iceland. Each site will have one fixed base station and one moving unit on a glacier. The movement data will be sent back to the UK via Iridium Satellite messaging and combined with other data to study the glaciers.

Together with the dGPS units we will carry out GPR surveys of the ice being measured and leave timelapse cameras measuring river discharge.

Current activity: the exciting new dGPS units from Swift and Ublox are being linked to an Iridium Sat-coms unit using a Python programmed Espruino Pico computer.